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Matthew Nevitt, founder of Wild Foragers, grew up foraging in the great forests of the Pacific Northwest. From the mountains to the oceans, to the rivers and valleys, he learned to identify and forage for a wide array of wild foods by spending time in the wilderness, studying the ethnography of the indigenous people and from the traditions passed down to him through the generations. Born out of a love for nature and all of the wild food it brings, Wild Foragers gathers fresh, unique and gourmet wild ingredients including mushrooms, berries, greens, roots, and spices. We distribute them to world-renowned chefs and home kitchens alike. Many of our unique wild products cannot be found in any store. It gives us great joy that people are able to experience the amazing flavors, smells, and health benefits of the wild foods we have been gathering and enjoying for generations.

Responsible Harvest

Sustainability is important to us, thus we only harvest using methods that promote, preserve, and expand our precious wild resources. We take our responsibilities as foragers seriously and gather our ingredients with respect to the environment. From harvest to packaging to distribution, environmental sustainability is taken seriously. We love what we do, and it is reflected in our reliability and the quality of our products.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide premium foraged products for some of the finest restaurants in Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, and many other cities all over the country. Please contact us about delivery to your location as we have many options available!

Yes! We do a few workshops and guided foraging events throughout the year. Follow our Instagram for upcoming events and more information.

You’ll find our fresh products at hundreds of restaurants around the US, with a heavy concentration in the Pacific Northwest. We work with many talented chefs who care deeply about ingredients and quality.


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